Cough syrup

I finished my sock! Okay, I only finished one, but I wanted to start the post on a positive note and right now it feels like a huge accomplishment. I also feel competent enough to complete its twin. So, all in all, great feelings all around. Not sure why this sock knitting experience was so vastly different from the last one, but I do believe that my skills as a knitter have improved. I mean there were no holes (this surprised me). I knit a whole sock, and there wasn’t a single hole. Feeling pretty proud of myself. Now, I just have the task of ensuring that I keep my tension neutral while knitting the second sock because I don’t want the fit to differ too greatly.

Completing the sock has been the one good thing that has gone right for me in the past couple of day. I’ve been battling a horrible cold, and it not only upended my entire weekend but my project schedule as well. Now to some, getting sick may not seem like a big deal (you get sick, you fill yourself up with copious amounts of chicken noodle soup, and you pull yourself together) and if I weren’t talking about myself, I would agree with you. But I am a horrible sick person. Seriously, I’m terrible at being sick. (Makes a man cold seem like a spa day.) I’ll paint a little picture. From the moment I start feeling unwell, it’s all downhill from there. And as the day goes on, it escalates until I’m barely human. Instead, I’m a cough-syrupy zombie who walks around the house in pyjamas, moaning like a ghost while consistently lamenting on exactly how sick I am. I will then proceed to make my partner test me for a fever, the moment I start feeling warm, (this usually happens about 4 or 5 times a day for the duration of my sickness) because one never knows when they are suddenly going to come down with hyperthermia and one must be vigilant. (The longer you read this blog, the more you’ll realise that I tend to veer towards the ridiculous. It’s one of my charms.) While the aches and pains are a lot to put up with, one of the worst symptoms, to me, of being sick is that I find it extremely it hard to be productive. Not sure what it is, but I have an unusual reaction to any form of cough syrup. It makes me loopy, unfocused, and it’s hard for me to find the strength to do anything but sleep throughout the day. Which of course meant that I couldn’t get any knitting done this weekend. I was beyond bummed.

So instead I spent the entire weekend staring longingly at my projects, hoping for a bit of strength so I could feel my needles in my hands again….and then promptly passing out into a Nyquil induced stupor. Luckily, but not so luckily, ever since I moved to Canada I’ve been susceptible to getting sick around this time of year. (When the weather drops so does my immune system. You should wait until Winter hits, I’m a real treat to be around.) I’m on the mend but still dealing with a horrible cough. Though I have started to breathe through my nose again, successfully, so that’s a great sign.

Can you understand now why I was so excited about the sock? It really IS all about the simple joys in life.

If at first

I have a bit of a dirty knitting secret to confess. Are you ready? I’m not a fan of knitting socks. (Phew! I must admit it feels good to get that off my chest). Now, I’ll be the first to say that this is not a secret I’m proud of but I do have an actual legitimate reason for feeling this way. A long time ago (about two years) I had my first ever sock making experience and then proceeded to never look at another sock pattern ever again. The project started out nicely enough (it always does at the cuff) and then merged into absolute chaos. If you can think of a problem well, I most likely ran into it headfirst and with not much dignity. I tried so hard, but I couldn’t stop creating random holes in the heel and ended up frogging and starting over so much the yarn (and I) seemed so ragged and limp than when we first started. I spent the rest of the day crying (and swearing) amidst grumbles of never knitting ever again. So you can understand why I might be a bit hesitant to relive that moment. (Seriously, I’ve made a total of 2 pairs of socks in my entire knitting life….in bulky yarn. I’ve been using sock yarn for every project under the sun instead of for, you know, actual socks.)


Do I at least get points for finishing them?

Well, years have passed, and I’m not the same knitter I was then, so I’m feeling a bit more “prepared” to give socks another try. (I believe in the adult world this is called Growth.) I’ve also been feeling a very intense amount of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) because everyone on Instagram has been knitting socks this summer and they seemed to be enjoying it. A lot. With this in mind, I have decided to put aside my PTSD (Post-Traumatic Sock Disorder?) and truly give socks the old college try. (I mean all those people on Instagram can’t be wrong about it. Can they?)
I already have one sock project on my needles (I’ve frogged it twice already, and I had to start working on another project so that I can alternate my frustration) but my personal goal is to knit a max of four pairs before Christmas arrives. In the meantime, I’ll be praying to the knitting gods above to bless me as I embark on this new mission. (Wish me luck?)

Also before I get fully into wood hermit mode (we’re two sleeps away from our Fundy camping trip, and my excitement will not be contained even for a second), I wanted to let you know that in celebration (Yes, I’m celebrating a camping trip along with an Instagram milestone) I’ll be hosting my first ever Wanderful Knits giveaway on the blog next week. So be sure to stay tuned 🙂

Getting our gear organized. Cosmo is “helping”.