About Wanderful Knits

That’s me! Knitting at the Hopewell Rocks attraction in New Brunswick.

Welcome to Wanderful Knits.

I’m a Trinidadian native who’s been living in New Brunswick, Canada for 5 years (knitting for 3 of them). While knitting, and everything knit related, was initially just a hobby that I picked up to pass the time, (i’d always been curious about the craft) it soon became so much more to me than just a fun pastime and wove itself into my life in a way I never expected. My love of knitting, yarn and travel (nothing beats immersing oneself into a new or familiar environment) is what inspired me to start blogging about my knit adventures; and Wanderful Knits was born. I hope you join me on this new adventure and I hope the stories I share will inspire you to follow your passion and curiosityΒ as well.