First World Knitting Problems

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I spent some time in breathtaking St. Andrews, New Brunswick. It was my first visit to Charlotte County, and I am seriously contemplating moving there. (Is it too early to think of retirement?)

The town is the epitome of a quaint, homely, beach town (my absolute favourite kind of town), with its beachfront properties, local cafes and saltwater air. It could easily pass for the location for a Gilmore girl episode. (All the communities I want to live in look and feel very similar to Stars’ Hollow.)

However, Saint Andrews didn’t pass one section of my “Can I live here?” test. Hold on to your hats everyone, but I found out pretty early on that “there is no yarn store.” (Of course, I asked. It’s the one place I always try to visit when I travel somewhere.) I’m still reeling from the devastation I felt upon learning that the local yarn store burnt down a couple of years ago. (You can buy Briggs and Little wool at the local grocery, but one cannot knit with Briggs and Little alone. At least I can’t.)

The view at low tide was magnificent so you can only imagine what it looked like when the tide rolled in.

(On a side note, one thing you should know about me is that I’m a dreamer at heart, which ties hand in hand with my love of knitting because I can work on a project and day-dream about everything under the sun for hours (and hours). So upon hearing this news, I immediately started thinking about a life where I’m the owner of the local yarn store in the town. I would bike to work every day (from my beachfront cabin, of course) and supply everyone, from locals to visitors, with multitudes of yarn (and notions) in varying weights, fibres and colours. (It’s nice to dream.))

They say the best way to get over that future yarn you were yearning to buy, is to get under some yarn you already have. (People say that right? No? Just me?) Although with my luck I buried myself in my sock project (because I am beyond determined to finish it before my sweater class starts next month) and jumped right in only to find that my yarn cake completely unravelled, and managed to tangle and fuse itself into a muddled unshapely ball of yarn. I got under some old yarn alright and spent the next two days patiently unravelling each tangle until I had about four different sized yarn balls. Annoyed but not defeated, I am now back on track to knitting my socks again and feeling a bit more accomplished since I’m past all the hard spots. (Just a bit. I’m praying for no more setbacks. Knock on skein.)

You probably can’t tell, but I’m smiling in this picture. I had no idea of the trouble that was looming.

Still, even though it doesn’t have a yarn store, I would still dream of one day moving to St. Andrews. I’m an island girl, and nothing uplifts me more than the fresh, crisp smell of saltwater in the air. This week I learned that the combination of saltwater air filling my lungs and a project in my hands has the power to catapult me into a bubble of contentment. I think I’ve found my ultimate happy place.

I had no words.

Being Present (in my own way) + Giveaway [Closed]
Giveaway is now closed.

Apparently, a lot happened this weekend. A hurricane hit Texas causing massive flooding, Game of Thrones had its season finale and Floyd Mayweather, and Conor McGregor boxed like two kittens wearing cotton balls for gloves. (I think I like my version of boxing better.) And I was completely, dare I even say blissfully, unaware. Don’t get me wrong I was devastated to hear about the news in Texas, and I’m an avid GoT fan, but it felt good to unplug from the world for a couple of days, reconnect with nature, and most importantly carve out some time for myself and my partner.

It was my first time camping at Fundy national park, and I’m already thinking about when I’m going to make a return trip. (Which is a testament to what an amazing experience it was.) We stayed at the Point Wolfe campground and spent three glorious nights exploring the park, eating s’mores (until our chocolate stash fell to the ground and died. we were devastated.) and conversing around the campfire. Now my one critique about Fundy is that it has too many activities and it left me almost no time to work on my sock. (Seriously, there are numerous hiking trails (of various difficulties and lengths), park activities and multiple beaches. I did try to work on the sock every now again, but it mostly ended up accompanying me on my many adventures.)

On our first day of exploration, we geared up to walk down to Point Wolfe Beach. However, we didn’t remember that at Fundy you have to mindful of the time, and how they relate to the tides, so our expectations were just a little too high when we left camp for our trek. We weren’t disappointed per se, (because walking on the ocean floor is always a neat experience) we were just a bit underwhelmed by the amount of water. (It did look like a barren desert land.)

Point Wolfe Beach at low tide

So we decided that it was worth it to see it in two different states and made a plan to come back later in the day. Unfortunately, we had 3 hours to kill, so we grabbed lunch, hiked the Coppermine Trail and then headed back to the beach for what we hoped was a spectacular view. (And oh boy it did not disappoint.)

Getting some knitting done at Point Wolfe Beach (at high tide).

Going to Fundy gave me something I didn’t even know I needed but was yearning for with every fibre of my being. Peace. I challenged my body as we hiked a round trip of Laverty Falls and refreshed my soul with a swim in the pool at the base of the falls. (And trust me unless it’s a hot tub I’m never ecstatic about immersing myself into a body of water in this country.)

I warmed up…eventually!

All in all, as I laid down in the truck bed looking up at the vast blanket of stars decorating the night sky (Fundy is a Dark Sky Preserve which means it restricts artificial light pollution allowing viewers to gain a spectacular view of the night sky), I felt content. Honestly, I didn’t need anything more from this trip. I went on this trip to try to get back to basics and allowed myself to do exactly that. It is rare that I make it a priority to take time for myself and live in the now but what I’ve learned, as I trip through adulthood, is that it’s important to give yourself time to focus on what YOU need to move forward. (Or like me, you can become a wood hermit for a couple of nights.)


This giveaway is my way of saying thank you to my readers (new and old) for joining me on this knitting adventure of mine and a chance to gift one lucky winner with some of my favourite things.

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