“Nothing says love like a handmade sweater”

My friend Jody said this to me today and, as a knitter, it most definitely rings true.

Now I will admit that I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day (what can I say! I’m a “love you all year long” kind of gal) but every year my partner brings me flowers and I present him with a token of my affection. And while he’s used to getting knitted items from me, this was the first time he’s ever gotten a whole hand knitted sweater.

Working on the sweater was such a great experience, but it made me long for seamless sweater knitting patterns. It was my first time knitting a sweater in parts, and honestly, if it wasn’t for Trish (knitting Jedi master that she is) I don’t think I could have gotten through the experience. I mean it seems simple enough. Knit the back, the front and the sleeves separately and then stitch them all together. (How hard could it be?)

Well, it’s harder than it sounds and if it weren’t for her helpful tips and tricks, the sweater would not have come out looking the way I wanted it to, and he probably wouldn’t have received it until March.

It also helped that I love knitting for other people. In fact, I think I knit more for others than I do for myself. There’s just something about knitting a functional and beautiful item for someone you love that makes my heart go all warm and fuzzy. And without sounding like a total cheesecake, I like to believe that my love for him is imbued into every stitch and seam that makes up the whole sweater. (Plus I like knowing that it’s keeping him warm while he walks in the frigid winter cold.)

Okay, that’s enough cheese. At least for now.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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