It’s my birthday! Every year, on January 3rd, I celebrate turning one year older, and every year I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a little more wiser. (Well, wiser than I already think I am.) For me, having my birthday so early in the year makes me feel as if I get the rest of the 362 days to really settle into my new age and all the experiences, moments and memories it will bring.

When it comes to the agenda of my birthday celebrations, I tend to keep it very relaxed and this year was no different. It also doesn’t help that I’m fighting off the flu. On. My. Birthday. 🙁

Nevertheless, I started my day off with a hearty breakfast from my favourite diner, took a much-needed trip to my LYS (local yarn store), ate a delicious dinner made by my partner and rounded off the evening with a homemade Ghirardelli chocolate cake. (His mom makes me one every year and I hoard it like Gollum hordes the ring.) All in all, I had a great birthday and I’m enjoying every last second as it winds down to a close.

Starting off a new year, at a new age, I always find myself wondering what the rest of the upcoming 362 days are going to look. As a principle, I only set one resolution for myself, and it’s simply to “try one new thing”. This, for me, is such an attainable goal since I’m always looking to try new things anyway and it’s a goal I’ve managed to never fail at achieving. And on the plus side, when I end up trying more than one thing (which I usually do) I feel super accomplished throughout the year. (I believe that’s called a win-win situation.)

I mean in 2017, alone, I tackled:

1. Knitting my first ever sweater. (I can’t stop wearing it!)
2. Making socks out of sock weight yarn.
3. Dabbling in the art of knitting shawls with fingering weight yarn.
4. Visiting a new campground in the province of NB.
5. Being open to new friendships while tending to the ones I’ve already established.
6. Knitting gauge swatches for my projects.
7. Blocking my knitted items at I cast them off.
8. And last but not at all least, gaining the confidence to start and launch this blog.


Got to say, I’m quite proud of myself!

Thank you so much for being on this journey with me. I can’t wait to share the new projects and adventures 2018 will bring. Hope you’re ringing in the New Year on a high note!

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  1. You should be PROUD!!! You’ve accomplished so much in the past year. 🙂 Wishing you all the best in 2018 with lots of NEW things to experience!!

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