I am yearning guys! Yearning! And as I sit here writing this post looking out at the what seems like the endless whipping of snow in the air, I can’t help but yearn some more.

Now it’s not a usual occurrence for me to take my frustrations out on my knitting (I mean I’m a nice person that way) but I will admit that I’m not harbouring a lot of happy feelings towards my White Pine sweater right now.

Not because the pattern is too complicated, or I’m not enjoying the process of knitting it but because I’m just over everything it represents. I’d even say that I’m in a “down with sweater weather” kind of mood right now. Yeah, I said it, but it’s a long time coming so don’t judge me too harshly. (Everything in moderation, right?)

So you could say that my spirits were in dire need of perking up, so I didn’t even fight it when my hands decided to cast on another project.

I went through my Ravelry library of projects I’d been eyeing for a while and landed on the With the Tide shawl pattern by Anna Mathis. It helped that I had Ploome Fibre Arts hand-dyed 3-ply sock yarn (The colourway is called Well Tickle me Coral) in my stash to pair with it.

And you know what? It worked.

Now instead of eyeing my sweater with an eensy teensy bit of disdain I just put it away, pull out the shawl and wish for the upcoming season to come just a little bit soon.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m ready for Spring. In fact, you can say I’m yearning for it.

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