Some days

Some days are hard days but today was a great day. (It helps that the weather warmed up.) Yesterday, I treated myself to a mental health day and used it to let myself wallow in self-pity. (I also killed half an apple pie while watching This is Us but trust me when I say it didn’t die in vain.) Now, I don’t do this often, but sometimes I just need a day where I can feel sorry for myself, cry, and be in my feelings. Then I pick myself up, dust off the pity crumbs and move forward by reminding myself of the things I yearn to achieve.

I’ll always remember walking in downtown Port of Spain, Trinidad as a teenager. I had the smart idea to wear the worst pair of high heels -in the rain- and ended up slipping on wet concrete falling comically onto the ground. (I was mortified.) Later that day I told my dad the story and how embarrassed I felt at the moment. He looked at me with empathy, but the only thing he asked was “Did you pick yourself up after you fell?” and I said, “Yes, of course.” Then he said “Good. That’s the only thing that matters.” This memory stuck with me for years, and it’s something I’ll never forget. Mostly because he was right, it doesn’t make sense to dwell on how many times you’ve fallen, what counts at the end of the day, is the number of times you get back up. I’ve used that message to push me through some of my hardest days.

So today, I pulled myself up like the pseudo-adult I am, and I made a plan to make things happen. Not just work-wise but I got the ball rolling on a charity project for the kitties in my community.

I love cats. Well, it’s more like I’m obsessed with them. (I frequently try to pet stray cats, and I’m guilty of stopping conversations mid-sentence to yell “kitty” at cats passing in the street. I mean, there’s a portrait of Cosmo, my kitty, hanging in “her room”. You get the idea.)

Like this lovely fellow who stumbled into my backyard.

The goal is to finish up my ongoing project list (throwing some on the back burner) and focus on creating blankets for one of the local cat shelters in my city. I chose this project because it’s all I can handle right now with my schedule and it’s mindless knitting I can do in front of the tv. It’ll also keep me warm at night knowing that the kitties are sleeping soundly in their blankets.

I made one for my kitty, and she loves to sleep in it. She’s had it since she was a young kitten and she still uses it to this day.

Yesterday was a day of pity, but today it is time to pick myself up and go to “werk”. Right now I’m driven more than ever to continue doing good for my community. In whatever way, I can.

I’ll be on travelling next week, so, unfortunately, there won’t be a blog post. (Now, now. Don’t cry; I’ll be back <3 )

P.S. If you’re a knitter in the city of Fredericton or its surrounding area and you’d like to contribute to the donation please don’t hesitate to send me an email or leave a comment below.


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  1. Nancy says:

    Are you using a specific pattern for your the kitty blankets or just knitting a rectangle? I just adopted a stray that found us a week ago. No luck finding an owner so we are now the proud caretakers of a wonderful, large orange cat that we have named Rowan. (Yes, after the yarn!)

    1. Just knitting a 16″ square. I’ll be using different stitch patterns for some but mostly I’ll be using garter stitch. My friend is using this http://comfortforcritters.org/files/documents/Patterns-Knitting_1.pdf.
      Congratulations on the new addition to your home! Your kitty sounds adorable and I absolutely adore the name <3

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