Pattern Release: The Beach

So it’s Fall now and while it is my 2nd favourite season, I’ll admit that it was really hard to say goodbye to Summer. Like sobbing uncontrollably while cry singing “you are my sunshine” on the floor, hard. Luckily, Summer decided to go out with a bang by giving us a gloriously warm day and I spent it basking in the sunlight and soaking up as many rays as I could. 

As excited as I am for Fall to begin (completely ignoring that the shift means that Winter will soon follow) I’m also very excited to release my first ever published pattern to the blog (the first of many I hope).

So without further ado, I’d love to introduce you to The Beach. This cowl design was definitely a labour of love and allowed me the opportunity to become exposed to another avenue of the knitting world and continue my goal to learn and try as much as I can.

Inspired by my childhood memories of going to the beach while growing up in Trinidad, the Beach cowl evokes that memory all too clearly for me. Perfect for all seasons, it’s my take on a portable version of the beach I can take with me wherever I go. In fact, I specifically choose the stitch pattern because it adds a distinctive swirl to the colours of the yarn and mimics the continuous dance of the waves as they form and crash onto the sand. I’ve lived in Canada for 7 years and while I have enjoyed any time spent on the water here, nothing has refreshed or rejuvenated my soul like a dip in the warm salty waters of the Caribbean sea.

You can access your free copy fo the Beach Cowl below:

Special thanks to my test knitters Judith, Lila, Sally and Stephanie for all of their hard work, questions, feedback and for utilizing their lovely skeins of yarn to knit up samples of my pattern. I could not have gotten this far without their enthusiasm and help and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Quick Note: The pattern will also be available for free on Ravelry by tomorrow at the latest.

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