There really is no better feeling than the joy of returning home. As much as I love Canada and I thoroughly enjoy my time living in this country, there is always a flutter of excitement that beats within my chest as the plane starts landing and the beautiful mountain ranges of Trinidad come into view. I’m also one of those passengers that sported the biggest smile possible when the pilot announced that we’d successfully landed and the weather was a whopping 30+ degrees.

Piarco International Airport
Piarco, Trinidad

Going home always gives me the chance to reconnect whether it’s with friends and family or the local meals that fill my tummy and spark some of my earliest memories, and this trip was no exception. Typically, I’m one of those individuals that need at least a week of vacation to really get into the spirit, but this time was different. Whatever the reason may be, I threw myself into my time there with such gusto that by the time we boarded for Tobago my entire being was in a constant state of relaxation.

When visiting, I usually end up spending most of my time on the island of Trinidad (it is where I was born and where most of my friends and family reside). Still, this visit I got the chance to show my partner another part of the country when we ventured to Tobago for the weekend. I was thrilled that we were able to book a visit this trip since my partner has always wanted to go, but the timing just never worked out for us before.

For accommodations, we booked a suite at the Magdalena Grand Beach Resort hotel, and I will say that besides the facilities needing a bit of a facelift, the level of service and the food is top-notch. Every meal we had, from breakfast to dinner, was exquisite, and the service was impeccable. I have to give them kudos for having fantastic staff who really understand the true meaning of hospitality. (Additionally, any place that provides me with a cold towel, a glass of rum punch upon arrival, the chance to pet multiple friendly cats and direct access to a beach gets more than a couple points in my book no matter how it looks.)

Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort
Tobago Plantations Estate, Tobago

Our second day there, we got into our rental car and made our way to Castara Village and Black Rock. Now, I’ve been to Black Rock before, but this was my first time going to Castara Village, and I must say that this part of our trip produced quite the adventure as we drove up the winding and narrow hillside. I, particularly, was sweating profusely as it had been some time since I’d driven on the left side of the road and being so close to the edge of the cliffside was not fun. I have to give it to my partner thought he provided navigation services, and although I know he was nervous on the drive, he really tried not to show it at all. In the end, we survived, and we’re here to tell the tale, so mission accomplished. Plus, we got to see so many beautiful hummingbirds, local birds and views of the sea when we stopped at Castara Retreats (an eco-lodge) for lunch and refreshments that it made the drive absolutely worth it.

Castara Retreats
Castara Village, Tobago

On our last day, before returning to Canada, we decided to continue our newfound habit of driving up winding roads to have an early morning beach frolic at Maracas Bay and then capped the afternoon off with a visit to Fort George. Both incredible places with the most spectacular views. At Maracas we stared and admired the sea as we listened to the waves crash upon the shore, and the fort sits high above in the hills and we were able to simply bask in the beauty of the island (well the parts we could see anyway).

Fort George Historic Site
St. James, Trinidad

All in all, it was an incredible trip, and I can’t wait for my next visit. For now, I’ll deal with the fact that I left +30 weather to return to Winter in Canada. And of course, the cold and the snow has settled in, and we’ve still got months to go before it warms up. Can we all say brr, it’s cold in here? Lucky for me I have a suitcase full of seasonings, pepper sauce and snacks to get me through.

Maracas Bay
Maracas, Trinidad

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